Frances Bird

May 20, 2019


Frances Bird was born on 23rd January on our bedroom floor in our home in Lancaster.

Weighing 7lb, and with her dark brown hair, she was just the little Bird baby we had imagined.


I had hoped and prepared for this birth to be a very spiritual journey. I knew it would be my last pregnancy and the last time I would go through this amazing, life changing experience. I read a lot of books that took my view of birthing to a deeper level. Books like sacred birthing and placenta. These books really focus on the natural, spiritual values of birthing life and I took a lot from them. 


Things really kicked in around 3pm that day and progressed quite quickly. The curtains were closed, candles were light and incense was burning, we even had a Tibetan singing going at one point. We turned our bedroom into the perfect sacred space to give birth to our little Franny. I spent a lot of time cuddling our boxer dog Boe, who was the perfect birthing partner, she really settled into the role. 


Jon was my rock. He kept the environment relaxed and dark so I could stay in my zone. He even had his camera on him to capture these beautiful birth photos. It was such a beautiful experience we shared together. After a few hours of intense birthing, Frances showed her face at around 9pm. Boe was first on the scene to give her a little lick and make sure she was ok. 


We spent the next few hours cuddling and feeding our gorgeous baby in bed with a placenta smoothie (for me, not Jon). Halle and Cameron came home first thing the next morning to meet their new baby sister. And that was it, the Bird family is complete.


Thank you France, for giving us an amazing experience & allowing us to bring your beautiful soul into the world, we love you. X




























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About The Author - Samantha Bird


Samantha is a wife and loving mother of two.  She has a passion for photography and specialises in mother & baby lifestyle photo shoots, as well as maternity, family, dog, cake smash and special seasonal shoots.

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