March 25, 2018

 This week, me & Jon flew to Amsterdam for two nights with no kids! It was the first time we had left Halle for more than one night so we were a bit nervous but excited to spend some quality time together.


We flew on a propeller plane, first for us both. The flight is so quick, not even an hour. We stayed in a beautiful little apartment, just on the outskirt of the centre (i will link it below, I would definitely recommend). We were only really there for a day and a half so we didn't see all the city has to offer but I feel we got a good sense of the place.


To be honest, it wasn't at all what I was expecting. The day vibe was less 'classy' than I expected - I thought there would be more sophisticated cafes where you could smoke but we found it to be very chavvy in the centre. However, on day two, we did find some nice places in the more residential area so my advice would be head out of the tourist spots if you want a real feel for the place.


Night time, however, was actually more attractive than I expected. The red light district was nothing like I imagined, the girls were young and beautiful and everything was very clean and organised. It was actually very fascinating and some what addictive to look at, we found ourselves, and others, walking down numerous lanes looking for more windows to check out. It didn't at all seem seedy and I think that's what made it so fascinating to explore. 


All in all it was a fun and enlightening trip. I love exploring how other cultures live and this was definitely an eye opener into another way of life, very different from the way we live here in the UK. Below is some pictures Jon took of our trip. I will leave little reviews of our favourite places below the picture. 


Ps. The weed is really strong, and that's all I will say on that subject :)


 You've literally never seen so many bikes in your life than in this city, its incredible.

 My dream ride!!!!

 Great little local pub near where we stayed. Great atmosphere and nice people. We had coffee and croissants here in the morning, as well as tea time snacks and beer. Food was good, I would definitely recommend a visit.

 Okay, listen up, this is the BEST!!!! milkshake you will ever taste in your life. Honestly, I would actually fly all the way there just to have one of these milkshakes so you MUST go if you ever visit Amsterdam. They are from a small cafe called Amnesia. We were told to go by a friend and it was the highlight of the trip.

Bikes are everywhere and they stop for no-one, so watch your step.

 This was the view from our apartment. We actually didn't take any photos from inside unfortunately but I'll link the listing and you can see the photos on there.


For £25 travel credit when you sign up with Airbnb use this code -


If you haven't used yet for your travels I would highly recommend. We have used it multiple time over the last few years and wouldn't book accommodation through anything else. 

 Munchies, what a great name for a food place in the city where the biggest attraction is legalised weed. Nice vibe and yummy food.

The museum of sex. Interesting and eye opening. Before I went here I thought it was only the time we live in that's so fascinated with sex but how I was wrong. It seems sex has been a massive attraction and interest through all the ages. And it was only £5 each  to go in, bargain.

 This women inspired me. She was there on a Wednesday afternoon creating these bubbles for the children to play in. Spending her time making strangers happy.

How amazing is this photo though? Credit to Jon Bird for his amazing photography skills. Check out more of his work at - - he has actually put together his own blog of this trip if you wanna get his insight. All these amazing photos were taken by him, he has a love for travel photography where i specialise in baby photography in Lancaster. Also, another inspirational person from the trip - the guy behind the girl sat down was there feeding the pigeons. He had a bag full of rice, that he shared with people so they could experience the joy of feeding the bird. And he made sure no-one harmed or scared the bird. You could really feel how much he cared for them. True inspiration.

 Really want a pet bird now.



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